Biolacuna offers a comprehensive range of support for companies and investors focussed on early stage healthcare assets. We aim to support commercialization and funding efforts, and bring value to clients through bespoke and timely solutions in the following three areas: Evaluation, Development and Quality. 

At Biolacuna, we are uniquely positioned to help you realise your goals. Within our team are industry experts with decades of experience working alongside Partners still actively involved in research at major universities around the world, including Stanford, Harvard and Oxford. Our consultants hold scientific degrees from highly respected universities, and have substantial commercial experience spanning diverse products and technologies. 

As a fast-moving boutique firm, we are proud to offer a flexible service capable of adapting to our client’s unique needs. Our approach recognises that no two companies or assets are the same, and our process consistently reflects this. Every project consists of a bespoke set of work packages tailored to support your goals in the most effective and comprehensive way possible. Past examples of projects can be found on our Case Studies page.

Our mission is simple: to provide deep knowledge and critical insight to clients developing or investing in healthcare technologies. We identify with your needs, objectively assess your challenges, and empower you with accessible solutions. 

We believe the following core values contribute to our ongoing success:

  • Being adaptable and working flexibly

  • Acting with integrity and professionalism

  • Enjoying learning and embracing challenges

  • Taking ownership and supporting others

  • Valuing new perspectives and being open to new ideas

Biolacuna offers services in the following areas:


For more information on Evaluation, Development and Quality for your life sciences company or asset, or for any other enquiries you may have, please reach out to us at enquires@biolacuna.com.